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Chapter 1

Who am I?

There are different dimensions in our universe that define our soul evolution level, the Earth is not static and constantly evolves, great inventions, thoughts, wars, social and political movements have allowed us to change our thinking, leaving behind the individualism and the material world giving way to a spiritual world. We have different degrees of evolution which define our perspective about the universe and life and our goal is to be aware that we are one and not to be carried away by the flow of life. Earth is a school where we all come to learn and our degree of evolution defines the level of consciousness we are in. Due to universal dark beings we have forgotten our essence as humanity and our memory and with it we have erased our extrasensory faculties, our pact with God and our mission of life on Earth, it is important to recover our roots. There are extraordinary beings with unimaginable spirituality development who dedicated their lives to the service for the enlightenment of humanity of us as Buddha or Jesus. Considering about part of my religiosity and spirituality is focused on Jesus thoughts, He came to our world to open our minds and feel something beyond a material world, He did not come for us to praise Him.



Chapter 2

My birth

This is not my first life, I am a reincarnation of previous lives that allowed me to evolve until I arrived to this world to achieve my life mission: "to help others by spreading the truth and remembering our essence as humanity". All human beings have energy which is obtained from light centers, these light centers collect universal infinite energy and to take care of our energy we have to take care of the emotional, psychic, mental and health field. --> When the psychic field is stable, you are immune to mental illnesses or dark beings using you. --> When the emotional field is stable, you are a being immune to dark emotions that attempt against your life, security, self-esteem, etc. --> When the mental field is stable, you are immune to dark thoughts that attempt against you. --> When the health field is stable you are able to keep all your fields in good condition. As my own experience my emotional and psychic field were very low so thanks to my personal guides and beings of light allowed me to grow consciously and take action of my own life, my emotional field is very varied by situations of stress or change, my psychic field is totally in perfect conditions and my evolutionary level has developed faster.



Chapter 3

My protection

What can I say about my protection, to put in context, have you ever that feeling of nervouss about any situation which requires intution, my mom have told me a quote "follow your heart" and nowadays I can understand it, my protection is guided by the order of my chakras and for my guardian angel, for other reasons is important to have a control of my feelings in order to mantain my chakras equilibrados,


Chapter 4

Meet your world


Chapter 5



Chapter 6

Spiritual awakening



Chapter 7

Male and Female energy



Chapter 8




Chapter 9

Guardian Angel



Two weeks before break time (Summer vacation)

Recently, I'm not feeling well, I mean it is not about i'm suffering, It's just I don't have motivation or a good point to think that I'm value in this world, I know that I'm good but i feel so tired about living alone, I don't feel in my home, but everything can't be negative, obviously I have learned about some situations which I'm gonna call "Ilussions" Why ilussions, because you can feel really good once you practice in your life, maybe your ego increase, that situations could be parties, alcohol, sex even, but when you finish began moral conciense to make a lot of thoughs and questions, well, maybe I lost my time but I decided and I feel tired, I learned that is better stay focus in goals where when you finish you feel a feeling of victory, I'm not saying that I'm regretting about what happen even, it was neccesary to understand me better but I feel so tired.

  in this day i don't feeling really good
                       the boy who I was intersted told me that i just was ilusionandome
                       so bassically I lost my time, I'm not angry with him because I know
                       that it was my fault, it was my decision, there are a lot of situations
                       that I allow to happen but at least i learnt about that and I know
                       that it can't repeat again,