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Mi corazon sigue roto.

He estado pasando tiempo de calidad en familia, alejada de toda red social y del celular en general, me he enfocado en lo que me gusta hacer y en aprender nuevas cosas, en planear mis objetivos y en mejorar mi autoestima, sin embargo hay una cosa que me ha sido complicado, se siente como una perdida, como si me arrancaran algo de mi corazon, extra├▒o mucho a Santiago Tellez y me ha tocado muy duro no sentirlo cerca, no poder abrazarlo ni hablar con el, espero que este sufrimiento termine pronto ya despues de haber repasado todos mis errores, por otro lado hoy juega Francia VS Argentina en la copa mundial, veamos quien gana.












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Meet your world


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Spiritual awakening



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Male and Female energy



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Chapter 9

Guardian Angel



Two weeks before break time (Summer vacation)

Recently, I'm not feeling well, I mean it is not about i'm suffering, It's just I don't have motivation or a good point to think that I'm value in this world, I know that I'm good but i feel so tired about living alone, I don't feel in my home, but everything can't be negative, obviously I have learned about some situations which I'm gonna call "Ilussions" Why ilussions, because you can feel really good once you practice in your life, maybe your ego increase, that situations could be parties, alcohol, sex even, but when you finish began moral conciense to make a lot of thoughs and questions, well, maybe I lost my time but I decided and I feel tired, I learned that is better stay focus in goals where when you finish you feel a feeling of victory, I'm not saying that I'm regretting about what happen even, it was neccesary to understand me better but I feel so tired.

  in this day i don't feeling really good
                       the boy who I was intersted told me that i just was ilusionandome
                       so bassically I lost my time, I'm not angry with him because I know
                       that it was my fault, it was my decision, there are a lot of situations
                       that I allow to happen but at least i learnt about that and I know
                       that it can't repeat again,